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Uncle John Carr

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Over the years, the Society has published booklets and books relating to York architecture and architects. Those in print are available at the winter lectures.

The Society marked the millennium by publishing Uncle John Carr, edited by Corita Myerscough. This transcribes the fascinating diaries kept by Harriet and Amelia Clark, great-nieces of the York architect John Carr, when touring various parts of Great Britain with their great-uncle in the 1790s.

Uncle John Carr (84 pages, including 18 illustrations, soft-bound) is now available at a special price of £3.99 at the Society’s lectures, or may be ordered by post: please send a cheque for £5.99 payable to York Georgian Society (including £2 for packing and UK postage) to:

The Secretary (UJC)
York Georgian Society
c/o The Merchant Adventurers’ Hall
Fossgate, York YO1 9XD, England

Please note that all enquiries in this connection should be addressed to the York Georgian Society and not to the Merchant Adventurers, who kindly provide a postal address for the Society but do not hold a stock of our publications.

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